ROLLER BEARING T/S – BSA,Hepolite -WW60015



Genuine Hepolite Main Crankshaft Roller Bearing.
As fitted to :-
BSA B Group timing side.
BSA B31,B33, B32/B34 Competition (1949-57), B32/B34 350/500cc Goldstar (1950-), M20/M21 500/600cc (1945-57) Crankshaft T/S bearing. MRJA 7/8

Manufactured to the OEM specification with 11 rollers to increase the radial load capacity.
All current neutral brands supply this bearing with only 9 rollers, which is not fit for purpose for BSA models.
CNC Brass Cage, C3 tolerance.

Made in England.
11 Roller, Brass Cage, C3.
Brand : Hepolite, MRJA 7/8″

OEM:  24-0722