Monobloc StayUp Float Kit



Details for Monobloc StayUp Float Kit


Part Number: RKC/391


Monobloc StayUp Float Kit – contains AMAL StayUp Float and Monobloc float chamber gasket.The All New AMAL Monobloc StayUp Float.The AMAL Carburettor Company (Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd) manufacturers of all genuine new AMAL Carburettors and spares Worldwide have introduced a revolutionary new float for AMAL Monobloc Carburettors.The material specified was used by the S.U Carburettor Company for military installations in the 1980s where a guaranteed fail safe operation was critical. Due to the close link between S.U and AMAL today (both owned by Burlen Fuel Systems Ltd) the secret behind the material has been released and upgraded for the manufacture of this float making it virtually unsinkable.