LUCAS LED BPF Headlight Bulb 6-24V – WW13090



Genuine Lucas Classic Motorcycle LED Bulb
6-24V British Pre Focus
Sold each
Headlight Bulb – LED
Dual Polarity so can be used on 6V and 12V positive ground and negative ground systems
Dip Beam 510/520 lm output, High Beam 970/980 lm output
Power Consumption :-
6V system low beam 2.7W, high beam 5.7W
12 Volt system low beam 2.64W, high beam 5.52W

OEM: P36D 6-24V, BPF


Please Note :-
UK MOT legislation was amended in 2021 to allow the use of HID and LED bulbs for light source on pre 1986 vehicles which do not require CE type approval for lighting regulations!
Lucas is a registered trademark!